To: Mr. Samuel Kplainwru
Press Union of Liberia Bong County coordinator

January 14, 2021
From: Mr. Albert M. Fania
Reporter of FDK TV Liberia & USA/ To Radio Paraclete FM 93.7 fdktvliberia.
albertmfania@fdktvlibnewsgmail.com 07767499934/0881801698
Subj. Police Brutality Against Journalist Albert M. Fania on the orders of Bong County police commander Fredrick Nappy.

On Wednesday January 13, 2021 while on an official duty covering an event involving police officers unlawfully beating on citizens at David Kuyon Sports Stadium in Gbarnga, as usual I was doing a live video coverage of the incident. Col. Frederick Nappy instructed me to delete or discontinue the live video recording which I refused, thereby instructing his officers to beat me unmercifully with guns, baton some appliances which they succesed in.

I was beaten by more them thee police officers including the commander of the PSU in Bong County in the presence of Col. Nappy who then instructed the officers to take my phone away and delete the video.
In the process of beating me, my phone was damage and some valuable items to include cash (175USD) and phone charger were taken away from me. I have the damage phone and video to this effect.
As we speak, I’m experiencing severe pain in my back, neck, and stomach.
I’m therefore calling on the Press Union Of Liberia (PUL) to investigate this matter and ensure that my cash, phone and health are timely taking care of in order to continue my work in due time.

Cc: The management of FDK TV Liberia & USA.
Mr. T. Nathan Matthews jr.
The management of Radio Paraclete FM 93.7 Gbarnga Bong County.

Mr. Sam McGill
INCHR_ Bong County
And all other local Media in Bong County

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