65 year old Rape in Liberia
A 65 years old man exposed the nakedness of 17 years old girl on social media!!

Liberia Monrovia : Man 65 sex a 17 years old girl, publishes her naked pictures on social media.

Mr. John D. Smith who has been in a long time relationship with a 17 years old girl, exposed her nakedness on social media after having sexual intercours with her in Foya Statutory District, Lofa County.
FDKTV Liberia Reporter on Tuesday February 5, 2021 , cohesidentally met the minor lonely and crying bitterly behind a house believed to be her dwelling in the Pawah Quarter in Foya City in which he decided to inquire as to what the problem was.
Based on the approach made by reporter Saah of FDKTV Liberia, the 17 years old girl was able to explain the reason why she was crying.
According to the victim, Mr. John D. Smith, age 65, who currently works as Project Officer for the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) of Liberia in Foya District, has publicly brought disgrace and stigmatization in her life by publicly publishing naked pictures of her after having sexual intercourse with her on Facebook (social media).

She said, in 2019, she was asked by Mr. John D. Smith to go to his house and assist him with some home activities, like washing, cooking and sweeping of which she later accepted the request made by Mr. Smith and started the home activities after he had given her a lot of encouragements.
According to her, Mr. Smith proposed to her and she accepted his proposal based upon the promise made by Mr. John D. Smith to send her to college after her graduation from high school.
With these promises been made, at the end used his financial influence and made love to her as she’s still (seventeen) 17 years old and the continuous financial influence used on her by Mr. Smith, she fell in love with him.
With the promises made by Mr. John D. Smith, she was highly encouraged to do all of the activities at Mr. Smith’s house the victim told reporters.

“As the relationship grew over time, trust was built but later, the trust was destroyed by Mr. John D. Smith” the victim noted.
In an FDKTV Liberia interview, she said that, last Friday in January this year, as they were in bed, Mr. Smith photographed her naked photo unknown to her and started sharing it with some community members and later this claimed her attention and caused her to go off for a moment because of the stigma and disrimitation Mr. Smith’s action has caused her.
According to our investigation between the two parties, Mr. Smith said, he was not the one who shared the naked photo with the community members.

After a long time investigation conducted by FDKTV Liberia, Mr. Smith told this station that he carried his phone for charging, someone went there and entered his phone’s password and unlocked the phone, took the naked photo and began to share it all around the community.

On Sunday February 7, 2021 at the hour of 4:00pm local time, the Women and Children Protection Officer of Foya Police invited the both parties for an investigation. After the first investigation, Mr. John D. Smith was arrested and is currently in jail at the same time going under further investigation.
Yesterday, the Lofa County Commander for Women and Children Protection Department of Lofa, Madam Cecelia Howard visited the Foya Police Detail. While carrying on investigation in the matter, Mr. Smith at first denied the allegation but, later proved that he had the naked pictures of the 17 years old girl in his phone.
“Some men are always in the habit of damaging young girls lives and later bring disgraced to them. For this reason, Mr. Smith will bear the full weight for the crime committed”. Madame Howard said.

Rape in Liberia with under age girl

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