By: Joekai George Yango
Today Liberia TV, Margibi County Correspondent
Cell #s 231886212161/231779049242
Email: yangojoekai32@gmail.com

Kakata City lies in a huge pile of dirt and marketers and pedestrians complain of health hazards.

Several residents in Kakata including Markers and street pedestrians are said to be living in health hazards due to the widespread of uncontrollable waste in the City.

Kakata, the Capital of Margibi County has been used for the last five months as a scene for the dumping of dirt and other unused materials, which has posed some health problems to inhalers.

It’s established that the Kakata City Cooperation has not done any major cleaning up of streets in Kakata since the beginning of 2023 due to the lack of Vehicles and other protective gear.

During the last County Sitting in Margibi County, the three cities cooperation in the County received US$9,000 for up-keeping.

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