By: Godsent Journalist Nathaniel Natty, II, TLTV County Correspondent, River Gee County.

Due to numerous complaints from community dwellers, including residents, the LDEA River Gee detachment have made an arrest of eight (8) persons considered as drugs users and burned down several ghettos in the city of Fish Town, River Gee County.

According to the LDEA Commander in the area, Joseph K. Gokor, the alleged drugs users are in the constant habits of traveling with harmful instruments including knives and scissors using them to harass peaceful citizens, at the same time carrying out burglaries during the night hours.

He added, these eight persons were arrested during the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency, scope of operations and are currently undergoing preliminary investigation, subsequently be forwarded to the Fish Town Magisterial court for further proceedings.

However, Mr. Gokor promised to curtail the issues of illegal substances that are causing serious embarrassment and posing threat to the lives of peaceful citizens in River Gee County.

Meanwhile, residents are calling on the National Legislature to make drugs law non-billable, something they said will draw the attention of drugs importers and users which will help to save the future of the next generations to come.

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