I am constrained to bring before the Senate for appropriate redress what I believe to be the continuous, calculated and targeted gross disrespect to my office and my person by officers of the Executive Protective Services (EPS). On several occasions, I have been disrespected, harassed and embarrassed st state functions by officers of the EPS and made subject to public humiliation. I reported these incidents to the President Pro Temp for redress; but the Pro Temp, in his wisdom, decided to handle and resolve these concerns quietly.
During delivery of the 2020 and 2021 of the “Annual Message” respectively, EPS officers assigned at the entrance of the Capitol Building, having fully recognized and identified me to be the Senator of Montserrado County, delayed me at the entrance for over twenty minutes on each of the occasions, demanding me to present and display a “Vehicle Pass’ before entering the Capitol Building to perform my legislative functions. I must also note that these officers also identified the official vehicle assigned and clearly marked with the Senate-issued License Plate ” S2″ for easy identification. Yet, they demanded a “Vehicle Pass” or I disembark from the officially-assigned vehicle before allowing me entry into the Capitol Building, the official place of work of Legislators.
Mr. Pro Temp and Distinguished Colleagues, the latest of the unprovoked and targeted gross disrespect to my office and my person by officers of the EPS was at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex on Sunday, January 31, 2021, during the finals of the National Sports Meet (National County Meet) between Montserrado and Lofa Counties.
Even with a VIP ticket clearly displayed for entry in the stadium, I was embarrassed and blocked for entering into the VIP Section of the Stadium in the presence of the EPS Director and other state security officers. My personal security guard was harassed, assaulted and inquired. I had to leave the stadium without entering the field to watch the game. It would have been worse and chaotic had I not held restraint as a national leader.
The thousands of supporters that went to witness the game were up and ready to retaliate as a means of protecting me; I had to appeal for calm. As a means of covering up the attack and disrespect on my person and office, the EPS has issued a public statement, suggesting I was in breach of “protocol” set in place for protection of the President of Liberia. I reject this assertion with extreme vehemence on grounds the statement from the EPS is not only erroneous, it is a calculated statement it was very wanting in truth and facts. For the record and for the sake of clearly, the President of Liberia was NOT seated in the VIP at the time the EPS Officers targeted me and disrespected me at the SKD earlier today. The undeniable FACT is, the President was already on the soccer pitch, playing the “Weah 11 vs. Lone Star” game. Furthermore, others were being allowed entry into the very VIP at the time of the unprovoked, targeted and disrespect to my office as Senator of Montserrado County.
Mr. President Pro Temp and distinguished Colleagues, as stated above, this was the fifth time officers of the EPS have behaved so unruly towards me, including at the Capitol Building during delivery of the last two “Annual Message” 2020 and 2021. I feel personally threatened, and I am concerned about my safety and the safety of my family. This cannot and shouldn’t be allowed to continue. I request you, my distinguished Colleagues, to take seize of this matter and act accordingly to ensure justice and fair play in the best interest of peace and stability.
Permit me to inform you that due to the seriousness of this matter, I have copied the Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament, the US Embassy, UN, ECOWAS and other relevant national and international partners.
Please accept Mr. President Pro Tempore and Distinguished Colleagues, the sentiments of my highest esteem.

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