The payment was in the tone on Twenty Thousands Liberian Dollars (L$20,000.00) to the management of the facility on Friday 12th March, 2021 which was raise through donations made by well-meaning Liberians both home and abroad on the institution’s Facebook page.

The amount covers Registration, Medical fees and short stay at the facility at which she gave birth to a baby boy.

It can be recalled, on Thursday, FDKTV Liberia came across the sad incident of a lady who gave birth to a child at the health facility but had no family member around to take responsibility of both the baby and the mother’s medical bills at the clinic; something which prompted the management of FDKTV Liberia to send an SOS call to all well-meaning Liberians both home and abroad on its platform to raise the said amount to settle the medical bills of Finda Freeman.

During the payment, the manager of FDKTV Liberia, Elijah S. Moses, ceased the occasion to thank all who heard the cry of the young lady and came to her aid through cash and kind.

Moses also thanked the management of the Genesis Healthcare Medical Clinic for the gesture in saving the lives of both the baby and the mother in such a difficult and challenging moment in Liberia.

Elijah S. Moses then called on others to emulate the good examples of the those life savers within their various places of work and communities. He then said this was FDKTV Liberia own way of giving back the the society.

For her part, Finda Freeman, the abandoned baby mother expressed great joy and thanked all those Liberians who came to her aid in such a difficult time of her life. She also thanked the management of the Genesis Healthcare Clinic for their kind gesture offered her during her stay there and their service to humanity and wished God’s blessings upon everyone who contributed to this process.

Full video on the link below.

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