Rape in Liberia with under age girl


After giving birth to a bouncing baby boy, the mother of a four days owe baby cries for help.
A lady identified as Finda Freeman, age 26 of the Airfield Community in Sinkor, was on Thursday March 11, 2021 discovered at the Genesis Health Care Medical Clinic on the Old Road where she had rushed to seek medical checkup, gave birth to a bouncing baby boy early Tuesday morning and is unable to pay hospital bills.
The hospital bills is in the tone of L$20,000.00 excluding stay at the facility which when added could be about L$35,000.00 which could eventually increase the longer she stays at the facility.
In an FDKTV Liberia interview, a nurse at the Genesis Health Care Medical Clinic on the Old Road said, “Finda was seen on Monday morning at the facility claiming she was in labor and needed medical checkup. The checkup was done and it was found that she was two (2) cm in labor”.
“As it is customary for all patients whether emergency or not to make a deposit at the clinic before being attended to, but due to her condition, a checkup was done and she was told to go and come back as a strategy not to do the delivery at the facility because we are not allowed to do delivery at the clinic currently till an improvement is done on the facility”, the nurse told FDKTV Liberia reporter.

“By 3pm Monday afternoon, Finda was seen at the facility again asking for another checkup. The checkup was again done and she was told to go to another health care facility but, Finda said she didn’t want to go. Finda came alone at the clinic with no relative at all. She was allowed to spend the night at the facility because she is a human being and could not be driven from there”
“So, the next morning on Tuesday around 7:30am, Finda gave birth and since then, no family member could be reached. So, we had to struggle to find telephone numbers to call other people but none have shown up to take responsibility nor to even bring her food to eat and clothing for the child”.
“Curently, she is not able to adejuately breast feed the child as she isn’t getting the right amount of food to eat as there is no money to buy food nor pampers for the baby. Its only when the nurses buy food to eat and she’s given some”.
“The father of the child was contacted on Monday but since then, all efforts have been made to reach him but to no avail. His phone is totally off”. Nurses at the facility told FDKTV Liberia.

For her part, Finda Freeman told FDKTV Liberia that, she is only appealing to well-meaning citizens to help her as she doesn’t know her way out.
When asked about her family and the child’s father, she said, her both parents are deceased and the child’s father abandoned her when she was two months pregnant under the presence of going to hustle in Grand Gedeh.
“We were in Firestone living when we met and we decided to come to Monrovia to stay. The house rent has expired and I am being told to leave the house where we lived upon our relocation to town. I do not have a place to stay in Monrovia here. It is just that the house owner is a good person that is the only reason why I am still there”. Finda told FDKTV Liberia.
When asked about the families of her fiancé, Finda told FDKTV Liberia that “she doesn’t know any of them. He has always promised to take me to his family in Buchanan since we were in Firestone even when we moved here”.

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