Press statement for immediate release
Saturday February 13, 2021.
Citizens of Lofa County residing in and outside Liberia, partisans of the collaborating Political
Parties (CPP), fans, sympathizes friends of senator-elect Brownie Jeffrey Tamba Samukai. Jr,
fellow Liberians, distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the press.
We are here today in Solidarity with our dynamic Senator-elect Hon. Brownie Jeffrey Tamba
Samukai, Jr. who based on his track records of over 30 years of service at home and abroad, has
never been involved in any act of corruption ; so we see him as an innocent victim of what all
reasonable person who have followed the case involving him and others as “a politically
motivated selective justice” orchestrated by the Executive Branch and implemented by a
compromised judiciary whose integrity and neutrality is questionable. As it is stated, “Justice
should be fair, free, neutral, and done to all without favor”! But on the contrary, the manner in
which the Judiciary Branch of our Government has been dispensing Justice in recent years,
especially under the Weah led Government, has made Liberians, the Economy community of West
African States (ECOWAS) Community Court, and the United States Departments of Justices and
Treasury to question the neutrality and integrity of our Judiciary branch.
For instance: The Judiciary’s handling of the former Director of Passport Andrews Wonpolu’s
case; their role in the illegal removal of Associate Justice Kabeneh Janneh, and their role in the
Sable Mining Case, which made the US Government to have recently indicated that judges of the
Judiciary in Liberia can receive bribes in determining cases.
Hence, the recent judgment of the Supreme Court against Senator –Elect Samukai Jr and others,
can only best be described as “business as usual” its integrity and neutrality is not just questionable
nationally, but regionally and internationally! What is even incomprehensible is with all the facts
and evidences adduced in court both by the prosecution and the defendant, which clearly showed
that Senator Samukai and others convicts never used any penny of the amount for which they are
accused for themselves, but all funds in question were used on the mission and welfare of the very
army they took oaths during their confirmations hearing to support and seek its welfare.
Let the word go forth that we, the thousands of Lofa County citizens who believe in Senator￾elect Samukai and voted massively for him wish to inform the world that although we respect
the ruling of the Supreme Court, we are equally very disappointed and frustrated in the
ruling handed down against our beloved Senator-elect Samukai! We therefore, term this
ruling as nothing but “Political witch-hunt and mission of character assassination”
orchestrated by the Executive Branch and well implemented by the Judiciary Branch of our government

Fellow Citizens, members of the fourth estate, as you may recall, during the transition process of
2018, the former Minister of Defense reminded Former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf about the
AFL pension funds that was used by the Government of Liberia on the AFL pending
reimbursement. That reminder resulted to a meeting where the then Minister of Defense Brownie
Samukai , former chief of staff now Defense Minister, former President Sirleaf and now President
George M. Weah with some senior Personnel of the AFL in attendance at the house of President
Sirleaf and later at the home of President Weah where a decision was reached that the Government
of Liberia was going to pay back the AFL pension funds that was used on the AFL by the directive
of the then commander in-chief Former President Sirleaf through budgetery allotment. And true
to his word President Weah, instructed the Ministry of Finance to pay four hundred and sixty
thousand United States Dollars ($ 460,000USD)
of the AFL pension fund.
The question now is why the Government of President Weah abandoned the payment it started but
decided to make a case when in fact all material evidences are available in the archives of the
Ministry of Defense! The crime senator elect Samukai committed is his refusal to join the ruling
CDC AS WAS REQUESTED BY PRESIDENT Weah prior to declaring his intention to contest
the senate seat for Lofa County. Fellow citizens, so the case and the concocted verdict has no
other name; it is called “a political witch hunt”.
Fellow Citizens, members of the fourth estate may we ask the chief-Justice and Associate Justices
of the supreme Court the following questions:
✓ During the trial, the defense argued that they were authorized by the then President
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Commander in-chief of AFL and presented an authorization
letter to the effect, how come the Minster of Defense was guilty of executing the order
of the commander in-chief?
✓ Chief Justice and Associate Justices, the lower court charged defendants Samukai and
others of Misapplication of Public funds, but the supreme court found them guilty of
misapplication of private funds, how can you explain this, charging someone for
something but argued on another legal ground if this is not a witch-hunt?
✓ Documents were displayed during the trial approving the disbursement of money as
Government of Liberia contribution to the funeral and resettlement of the family of the
late Seconded Nigerian General who was Commanding Officer in Charge of AFL -Mg.
Gen. Suraj Abdurrahman. How can the former Minister of Defense pay back such a
money Mr. Chief Justice and Associate Justices if this is not witch-hunt what is it?
✓ Another document with payments of death benefits to AFL widows and families were
submitted to the court, how can the former Minister of Defense pay back such money
Mr. Chief Justice, if this is not a witch-hunt?
✓ Document showing payment of medical bills for AFL SGT Titus who got wounded in
Peacekeeping mission in Mali and was flown to India for medical treatment, which cost
over 100, 000.USD was paid and further payments made for his upkeep. Mr. Chief
justice and Associate Justices, Titus was dying and he was a Soldier wounded in the

process of serving his country, would you have loved him to die, what if Titus was the
chief justice’s son or the president’s son how can the former Minister of Defense pay
such a money, if this is not witch-hunt?
✓ Documents were displayed indicating multiple payments for military personnel in
training overseas including united states of America, the same military that we are very
proud of today. How can the former Minister of Defense pay such a money Mr. chief
Justices and Associate Justice if this is not witch-hunt?
✓ The. Chief justice and Associate justices, never talked about the Four Hundred and
Sixty Thousand (460.000.00 ) USD that was paid back by the Government of Liberia
into the AFL pension account in compliance with the agreement made by President
Weah to payback the AFL pension money what is the fate of that Money Mr. Chief
Justice and Associate justices?
✓ Mr. chief justice and Associate Justices do you know who a soldier is? Do you know
the risk and consequence of saying no to the Commander in-Chief and head of state?
✓ Can the supreme court show us one ministry or agency of government that has never
utilized one budget line item meant for a project shifted to another for expediency and
mission accomplishment, including the very judiciary?
nine foreign embassies in Liberia recently wrote a joint communication to the
Government of Liberia warning the government to stop using Donors fund. The
government response was that the government borrowed the money to take care of
critical operations of government, how do you call that Mr. Chief Justice?
Fellow Citizens, members of the fourth estate, considering the facts available and the
overwhelming contradictions in the hasty ruling that was calculated to demonize Senator-elect
Samukai, we the Lofa County people in Solidarity with Hon. Samukai are convinced that our son,
Brownie J. Samukai, Jr. did not steal any money and that he implemented the orders of the then
commander in -chief.
Public records can show that Lofa county people who have worked in government have always
worked decently and honestly. In fact, because of our respect for public resources we
are branded as scary people. We will not allow any individual or group of people to denigrate the
reputation of any of our sons or daughters when we are convinced that they did nothing wrong like
it is in this case.
Therefore, we are resolved to honor the mandate of the supreme court of Liberia by
restituting the money the Supreme Court has ordered our senator elect to pay. We are
determined to pay the last Penney because we know him more than anyone else. During his
more than 30 years of Public service home and abroad, he has never been involved in any
act of corruption. We believe in his ability to defend and articulate the aspirations of Lofa

County this is why we voted him in our thousands and we are prepared to stand with him to
the very end with our lives and our blood if need be’
Meanwhile, the people of Lofa county are peaceful citizens from time immemorial, this posture
should not be misconstrued as weakness.
Let the word go forth that we will not further condone any delay from the National
Election Commission (NEC) beyond the statutory time to certificate our Senator. We too are
citizens of Liberia and we deserve to be represented by the person of our choice in our
country’s governance system. Any attempt to further delay his certification beyond the
statuary limit we will resist with all the means available within our reach!
Finally, we are calling on citizens of Lofa at home and abroad, other well-meaning Liberians, and
friends of Samukai to join us in the fund drive to collect the money that the Supreme Court has
mandated Samukai and others to pay in government revenue, even though they never personally
used a penny of the AFL pension fund for themselves.

I thank you!
Signed: ——————————————————————-
Madame Sarah Kullie
Former mayor Voinjama City and Secretary for the movement of Lofa citizens in
solidarity with Brownie Samukai / 0777512789
Approved: ————————————————————–
Hon. Galakpai W. Kortimai
Former Superintendent of Lofa County and chairman of the Solidarity Movement.
Attested by: ————————————————————
Mr. Forkpa Gizie
Official spokesman and head of Elders council of the solidarity movement
dedehwu@yahoo.com cell#0770551103

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