Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has called on members of the 54th National Legislature to draw their attention to what she described as the over-rising cost of living including basic social services for citizens across the country.

Madam Taylor said in preparation of the duties of national leaders, it is imperative that they be reminded of trending national issues which according to her have beset the country over the years, including high taxes and the high crime rate across the country.

According to the Vice President, these ever increasing numbers tend to show that the society is slowly degenerating at an alarming rate with what she termed as very little permanent solution at hand.
At the same time, Madam Taylor has proposed for consideration the need to enact Local Content Laws which when created, according to her, will empower citizens.

She also proposed what she called the possible amendment of the Law governing the National Election Commission for the removal of the duties of Civic and Voters Education and the creation of a Commission which when established, will deal with building a stronger democracy.

Meanwhile, Madam Taylor said the roles of Liberian media should be commended by all national leaders across the country as she also pleads with all media institutions to live up to the creed of their profession in protecting and maintaining the peace and stability of the state.

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