By: Godsent Journalist Nathaniel Natty, II, TLTV County Correspondent, River Gee County.

The chairman, Abu S. M. Diallo, Civil Society Organization River Gee County, vowed to implement the standard operating procedures, which talked about a good working relationship between the Media, CSO, and the Security apparatus.

He said, regardless of both parties terms of reference, the act of working together as a team, brings about achieving goals and it’s another path way to iron things smoothly amongst these parties or in their respective scope of works.

The chairperson, also used the time and wishes all CSO actors, residents across the County a happy and prosperous new year, 2023 as he admonished everyone to remain peaceful through the electoral activities.

 He said, elections is an event, not a process, it comes and goes; the citizens remain, therefore, the best way possible to engage issues should be taken into consideration at all-time in order to have a peaceful gathering during this most talked about year, 2023.

On the other hand, Abu, extended appraisals to all those that have attended the just climaxed CSO General Assembly (GA), that was held in Zwedru Grand Gedeh County for the level of decisions reached during the meeting.

He said, at the GA, madam Loretha Porka, was able to have retrained her position as National chairperson, while Cece Nimely, Maryland County took over from Madam Comfort Turo, as regional coordinator of CSO in the southeastern part of Liberia.

Diallo, maintained that, though he never attended the assembly, where almost every chair is giving the opportunity to channel his/her challenges and achievements over the past year(s) however, he was honored as the media reached out to him and sees it as an opportunity through expressing some of these things to the public.

Speaking further, he told news men that, since taking over early January, 2022, he has made a significant impact, regardless of the many challenges, and one of them could be the case of one Pascal Quelly, when he was brutalized at his job site by a Chinese national, he did lead process as Quelly was given the needful justice in the County.

However, Abu Diallo Chairman, Civil Society Organization River Gee County, called on every CSO actors to wake up as it’s another year of yielding results through advocacy and it’s also a distinctive one, as being couple with the implementation of the standard operating procedures, which he’s ready to implement including his core of officers, he said.

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