St. Gabriel Catholic School’s Press Club of the year, 2021.

https://fb.watch/3AMKBxVymQ/FDKTV Liberia, the Number One Radio Station has taken the initiative to take the Brilliant Voice of St Gabriel Catholic School’s Press Club on this Credible Platform, thenceforth, on the international level.

This above mentioned school of Excellency in terms of quality education and discipline is located @ Parker Corner in Brewerville, Montserrado, Republic of Liberia. The Principal of St. Gabriel, Mr. John Tamba did mention that the school’s facilities, such as purified drinking water, 24 hours current and model latrine of this year 2021 are up to task, said Mr. Tamba. Furthermore, he also Stated that this year has carried the highest number students in the school as to any other school year under his administration.

The President of St. Gabriel Catholic School’s Press Club, Madam Kunoh Woart aim is to standardize all aspects of the Press Club this year by making sure that each member of the Press Club should have his/her own ID card and t.shirt for the sake of identification. Unfortunately, there’s no effective demand for the press club to meet these needs by themselves. President Kunoh is now asking for the support of any humanitarians or parents for their help to smoothly keep everything on course.

The administration and students of St. Gabriel are proud of the initiative “http://fdktv liberia(FDKTV Liberia)” had taken which is very important for this young generation; not only but also parents who has seen their child/children performance on “FDKTV Liberia” and encouraging to keep up doing the programhttps://fb.watch/3AMKBxVymQ/

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