I bring you heartfelt greetings this morning, afternoon, evening, and today with profound conviction and boundless compassion.

My fellow valued  citizens, Liberians of great worth,

I offer my heartfelt salutations as we unite in unwavering solidarity.

I come bearing words of profound empathy and solace, directed foremost to the grieving families who have endured the unimaginable anguish of losing their cherished ones in Foya and those whose loved ones remain missing, wounded, leaving an agonizing void within our hearts.

In this moment of profound sorrow, I extend my sincerest condolences to every individual who has tragically lost their life or suffered injury while valiantly participating in the collective struggle to extinguish the darkness of insecurity that afflicts our beloved nation, Liberia

We must acknowledge and pay tribute to the sacrifices made by these heroic souls.

Their resolute dedication to the cause of a more secure and harmonious Liberia shall forever be engraved in the annals of our history.

Their unwavering commitment and selflessness stand as a testament to the unbreakable spirit of our nation and our relentless determination to forge a brighter future for all.

In conclusion, let us firmly grasp that it is through love, unity, and an enduring devotion to peace that we will triumph over the trials that lie ahead.

Together, as one people, united under the banner of one nation, we shall ensure that the sacrifices of those we have lost were not in vain.

May their memories serve as our guiding light as we persist in our journey toward a more radiant Liberia.

With unwavering affection and an ardent yearning for lasting tranquility,

In unity, we shall conquer tyranny and once more bask in the security of Liberia.

Liberia and all its resilient citizens prepare to rise with unwavering determination on October 10, 2023!

The time has come for our great nation to reclaim its rightful place in the global community. 

We must shine as a brilliant beacon of hope, illuminating the path to absolute freedom from the shackles of human rights abuses, corruption, injustice, and the ruthless exploitation of the vulnerable in our society. 

We must end the heart-wrenching violence against women, children, and men in the relentless pursuit of power.

To steer Liberia back on the righteous course, it deserves, we demand nothing less than a leader of unparalleled courage, fortified with an unyielding resolve to uphold the sacred principles bestowed upon us by our Creator, Almighty God.

These principles encompass our inalienable right to life, peace, love, harmony, progress, freedom of movement, speech, association, and the pursuit of knowledge. 

They guarantee clean water, a pristine environment, dignified work, and the freedom to choose our representatives.

Sadly, these bedrock principles have been ruthlessly trampled upon by George Weah and his cabal of criminals, driven solely by their insatiable greed. 

We can no longer tolerate this malevolence.

We must usher in a leadership of the people, by the people, and for the people, wholly dedicated to the common good of our 16 tribes, 15 counties, and all our steadfast partners in progress. 

Those who have arrived merely to plunder and disappear without making a meaningful impact on the lives of the Liberian people must exit our nation’s stage.

The dawn of these fundamental rights will break on October 10, 2023, when a leader shall stand triumphantly as the unequivocally elected President of Liberia.

Liberians, let us unite and seize this pivotal moment in our history. 

Together, we will forge a brighter, more just future for all Liberians and serve as an unwavering testament to the indomitable spirit of our nation.

In unity with purpose,

Austin S. Fallah

Nathaniel saaleh

We can no longer tolerate this malevolence.

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