April 5, 2023                                                                                                                                                                                                                         By; Gabriel M C Parker,                                                                                                                                                                                            Today Liberia TV, Bomi County

The Assistant Coordinator of the Christian Association of the Blind (CAB) Bomi chapter David Joe is pleading with the management of Western Clusters Limited to help better their lives by constructing housing units and vocational training centers in the County.

Making the passionate plead on one of the stations in the Counties, Joe noted that since after the fourteen years civil unrest in the Country the numbers of people with disabilities has increased thus creating an unbearable situations for them.

He emphasized that as the results of lack of support to people with disabilities in Bomi since 2005 they have left with no alternative but to beg daily in street corners, a situation he said poses a serious threat to their lives as they can be hit anytime by vehicles.

David who spoke in a heartbreaking tone states that on several occasions, concession companies have operated in Bomi but no attention has been given to the disable community, thereby terming the act as frustrating and sadden.

” Since after the 14 years in Liberia, we came back in 2003 several companies have worked in Bomi but no care, attention and support have been shown to us, and we too are human beings, we need support” David added.

David Joe who spoke on behalf of his colleagues maintained that at current, disabled are renting in private homes, something he said needs to stop as they are not earning any income to facilitate their rental fees monthly.

The Assistant Coordinator of C. A. B in Bomi meanwhile stated that since the inception of operation of the Western Clusters Limited, they from the disable community have not felt any developmental impact from the company.

He then used the medium to call on the management of the company to better their living conditions by constructing housing units and vocational training centers, that he believes will help improve their unbearable living standard in the County.

“Am calling on Western Cluster on behalf of all disables in Bomi to help us with housing units and vocational training centers so we can live in good houses and learn something for our good. We are disabled but not unable, we tired begging in the streets” David Pleads….

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